An Excellent Resource – The Foundation Center On-line

8 Apr 2015

The Foundation Center On-line is a valuable resource for locating potential
funders. There are a handful of libraries located in major cities across the U.S.
(One is a few miles from the GRANTdog office in San Francisco.) If a writer or
funding applicant is not privy to a foundation library site, most major US cities
have Foundation Center portal access as a part of their public library reference
section. The most convenient access, of course, is to purchase on-line
availability directly through a personal account. This cost must be weighed
against the potential benefits, as it can be steep for a single writer. In the past,
I have purchased access for one month every six months. During these spans
of paid access, I spend hours combing the site for anything new and relevant to
recurring clients and my employer.
(To access the Foundation Center on-line and learn more about free and
purchased offerings, go to