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25 Sep 2021

taking grant writing stock… my village… my work…

I recently had the opportunity to take stock of how my “village” and my grant writing work have formed and are still shaping who I am. It happened unexpectedly, as I responded to a local nonprofit’s request for consulting quote. To be honest, I have been “stuck” when it comes to blogging. Professionally, I have   Read More >

24 Feb 2020

Perception Connects Grant Consulting and Rotary Leadership

“To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions.”  — Stephen R. Covey, Leadership Author Rotary is a place to belong, to serve, and to grow professionally. I’ve belonged to the Rotary Club of Cabarrus County NC and the Rotary Club of San Francisco CA). Professional men and women, of all ages, work as part   Read More >

1 Sep 2015

Giving back to the Community is Essential

I like to think of grant writing in its simplest format as community outreach. To me, service breeds service and teaming with those who are meeting critical needs takes on a mindset of outreach. I choose to go beyond the confines of the pen, however, and put actions behind the words. Many times, I have   Read More >