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3 Jan 2021

2020’s Biggest “Loss”

2020’s biggest loss for me professionally was rigorously preparing for months, finally sitting for a professional credential, only to fail it. What a personal WIN! Grant Professional Certified WHAT? Yes. That right. As of now, I can’t tout the letters GPC (Grant Professional Certified) as part of my professional identity; but do I ever sense victory.   Read More >

28 Jul 2016

Want to be a better grant writer? Stop writing!

He came running down the stairs toward me, apologizing for his tardiness and for leaving me alone in the lobby for an idle 15 minutes. “Crazy morning, call ran long, come on upstairs, etc.” 15 minutes. 15 minutes to watch a story unfold, looking on as a volunteer wheeled in an elderly nun, habit neatly   Read More >

4 May 2015

The Best Statements of Need Get to the Root Cause

I recently met with someone who leads a large organization through major changes. When her team justifies a change, they try to ask the question “Why?” at least five times. My mind wondered back to days with two young, inquiring minds. They constantly asked, “Why, Mom?” Perhaps they were on to something. Funders don’t just   Read More >