What is a Certified Grant Writer anyway?

5 Jun 2014

Many folks ask me what a Certified Grant Writer (CGW) is and what, if any,
value it adds to my experience as a grant writer. In 2009, I pursued excellence
in grant writing. Over a four-month period, I took an intensive course through
the American Grant Writers’ Association (AGWA). In order to complete the
course, I passed an exam based on my experiences as a writer and based on
the completed coursework. The exam was conducted in Clearwater, FL, under
the administration of AGWA proctors and advisors.
In order to retain this credential, I must participate in a variety of ways. I
increase my grant-writing knowledge through additional association courses,
recently spoke at the annual conference in Washington, DC and serve as the
2014 Youth and Children Chairperson. I have forged relationships with other
writers across the U.S. who broadened my writing perspective. The
designation of CGW is not one I take lightly. I must abide by a strict code of
ethics and continually demonstrate industry involvement.