Writing Brings Peace

15 May 2020

Writing brings peace in the midst of chaos.
Connection in the midst of isolation.
Recollection of good memories.
Impact for those under-served.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”
– Anne Frank

The Writing Flow

For you, maybe it’s the repetition of a swim stroke, the feel of your pick against a guitar, or the smell of a new recipe pulled from the oven. Because we each have that sweet spot. The one that allows us to take a deep breath and to temporarily sense that, somehow, all is… or at least will be… well.

My spot: Pen in hand against good paper.
Strokes – stop,    strokes – think,     strokes – reflect.
And… Strokes – internalize,    strokes – realize the rhythm,    strokes – breathe.
More strokes — Writing Brings Peace.

The Writing Instruments

Yet the written word is only part of the fascination. Quality writing instruments matter. For instance, runners wear solid shoes; painters choose a good brush; and knitters enjoy the best yarns. Why leave out writers?

So please, indulge me as I share a few favorites. Firstly, the journal of choice is Designworks Ink Standard Issue Notebook, No 3 because of its added templates and quality binding. Secondly, the pens with most flair are Venetian glass pens made in Italy for Cavallini & Co. (to mainly be used on special occasions). Thirdly, a good bang for the custom notecard buck is Etsy’s paperbliss. Most importantly, rounding out the ensemble is a trusted inkwell from Historic Williamsburg’s silversmith shop. And when these gems come together, Writing Brings Peace.

Writing Links Memories to Hopes

Call me sentimental but the process and the tools illicit good memories for me. They also signify hope for days to come.

There will come a time again when I will visit our daughter in Austin and mosey down to the river with my journal. I will gather with friends again. A Rotary friend saw the pen on a trip to Italy and brought it back for me. We’ve not held meetings for the past two months but I will eventually see her again. It will be all the sweeter. And homesick as I am, I will return eventually to my beloved Virginia and walk along Duke of Gloucester Street where a silversmith pounded out my treasured ink well some 20 years ago.

Write On!

So if you’re feeling a little disgruntled, I encourage you to pick up a decent pen and WRITE! A note to a friend… a poem… a journal prayer… a case for creating positive impact… dreams for “one day”…  Harvard research shows that writing it down could help.

Because Writing Brings Peace.

Rhonda Poppen is an independent grant consultant and certified grant writer, working from San Francisco alongside Buddy, Labrador/Great Dane and office mate. She is a self-proclaimed pen, paper and word nerd who pours her heart into writing winning grant proposals.

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